About Des Lunettes


Des Lunesttes was established by two girls living in Germany in 2018. Both the founders are lovers of optics and deeply influenced by European culture and lifestyle. Des Lunettes means „The Optics“ in French, which is as simple and clear as the design of the brand embraces. Inspired by the French style in films, literature and modern fashion word, Des Lunettes renders the vibes of freedom, elegance and independence for both women and men. The brand wants to present the most classic and everlasting design of the optics that can fit every need and circumstance in the modern world. 

Mild nostalgia, adequate boldness and natural touch of chicness are all the core of Des Lunettes. If you want to get the retro perspectives of 80s in your vision, put on your Des Lunettes right now! 


Your Des Lunettes 2019

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